Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment

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Not the dreaded root canal! Root canal treatment often get a bad rap, but in reality, root canal treatment has saved many teeth from getting extracted or being lost. They have gotten a bad reputation as being a painful procedure, but the truth is that it is due to the extensive damage that the tooth is in so much pain and takes longer to heal.

We often refer to root canal treatment as your “last chance” to save your tooth. Root canal treatment is typically prescribed when decay, infection or a fracture has gotten so deep into the tooth that it has reached the nerve of the tooth. If your dentist prescribes a root canal treatment, and you choose not to get that treatment done, it is likely that before too long, you will have no choice but to extract that tooth. And often, the options for replacing missing teeth are more expensive or do not provide as much function (chewing ability) as your natural teeth.

The Root Canal Treatment Procedure

The procedure involves opening up the tooth, removing the pulp in the root of the tooth, which is has become infected or otherwise damaged, filling the tooth with a material that prevents further infection, and sealing the tooth with a crown. Come in today at our Northeast El Paso location if you are experiencing pain and let us take care of the root of the problem.